50 Free Directory Submission Sites Lists 2022 by WritenShare

50 Free Directory Submission Sites Lists 2022 by WritenShare


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Directory submission is the best free way to improve your website's off-page SEO. Here is how directory submission works, you start by getting an email from the directory service provider or directories, and from their email service provider, you go to your favorite search engine and send an email with a link to your directory.

It is very important to provide a link to the directory service provider that allows every business owner to visit the directory and upload the website. However, you cannot submit the site in the site map or index of the directories.

In this article, you will find a list of directories, and every business owner can choose from there anyone they want to list with their website. When you choose a directory, the website links to the directory service provider. You will only get a link to the directory once your directory has been approved by a website owner.

The most dominant search engine for local keywords is Google, but that doesn't mean that other search engines will ignore your website. They probably will – especially if you want to make it more visible to them.

That is where an off-page SEO campaign can make a huge difference. It will help you gain more organic traffic than a regular SEO campaign. It won't be any different for your local directory, and I will discuss how to make it better with some solutions in this article.


1. Advertising is the Key

  • Of course, the more organic traffic you have, the better it will be. But you need to provide more information about your products to the visitors if you want to attract more visitors.
  • So, it will be better if you allow more directories to publish your website on their platforms, and you will be able to promote your website on them through advertising as well.
  • Without advertising, it's hard for your website to become successful. When we say advertising, we mean running Adwords campaigns and placing ads on social media platforms.
  • Only register as a member on directories that allow you to do that, and you will be able to gain many directories to publish your website on their platforms.
  • But make sure you have a high-quality, optimized website. One of the ways to optimize your website is by using SEO services to make sure your website can rank well for the directories you will use for advertising.
2. Use Multiple Directories
  • While advertising is the key to finding more directories for your website, it is also important that you select the directories you will use to publish your website.
  • You can do that by using both local search engines and your local directory to provide the best services.
  • If you are not able to reach the desired results, then you should look into local search engines as well.
  • You can start with the Google Local Search Tools, but you can also use Bing Maps, Yahoo! Map Search, Zillow Map, etc. to find the local directories that can be beneficial to your local business.
  • If you use Google Maps, you can just enter your local area and hit enter to search for local directories. You can either search for free directories or pay for the ones that are better than the free ones.
3. Do Some Research
  • The best way to find the best local directories that can be useful to your local business is to do some research.
  • You can do this by getting on local forums, and asking for help in making local directory marketing work for your business. You will get a lot of opinions, and you will be able to understand what makes each directory different.
  • To make it work for your business, you should pick a directory that fits your business.
  • You should also be sure that it will be able to attract more users. You can measure the traffic that you will gain after you will publish your website.
  • Last but not least, be sure that the directory is an accurate one because you will have to be careful about who you will be working with and what they will publish about your business.
4. Be Focused
  • Finally, you should be clear about what you want to achieve. The best way to do that is by asking yourself why you want to run an off-page campaign.
  • Think about what you want to achieve with the campaign, how you will do it, and how to connect your local directory campaigns to your other advertising channels.
  • You don't want to get distracted with the technology, or anything else. Focus on the campaign you chose and make sure that it helps your business achieve its goals.
  • All in all, you can choose to be focused on one or more of the channels, but you should make sure that you get good results from each of the channels before you combine them.


5. Targeted Ads
Targeted ads are using So, choose what best fits your business goals, and focus on your offline marketing channels so that your online advertising campaigns can attract more customers to your website.

Top 50 Free Directory Submission Lists 2022

Here are we offers fifty free directory submission sites lists are below for off-page SEO in 2022

Directory Submission Sites Lists



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