The 3 Keys To An Irresistible Email Campaign

The 3 Keys To An Irresistible Email Campaign


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Email campaigns are still the best way to reach large audiences and convert them into potential customers, but they’re not as effective as they used to be— a fact of which many businesses are only now becoming aware. Here are the three keys to building an irresistible email campaign that will have your audience opening your emails and making your business their new favorite.

1. Create A Proper Strategy

As you prepare to launch your campaign, you need to think about what it is that you want to accomplish. Don’t just send an email blast; craft a message with specific goals in mind and use segmentation strategies to reach as many people as possible. Think of yourself as a marketer trying to sell something— what are you selling? Your newsletter? A product or service? What makes it so desirable that people will open your email, let alone click on a link? Why should they opt into your list? And how do you plan to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to drive sales from beyond email?

2. Have A Great Offer

Without an offer, you’re not doing anyone any favors. Instead of simply telling people what you do, show them what they get out of it (and do it in a way that resonates with their needs). Give customers something to look forward to and reward those who respond. Keep your subject lines informative and relevant. Make sure your call to action is present and clear. The more attention you can grab with an email, the more likely someone will want to stay connected through your newsletter or mailing list— which is what helps boost customer loyalty and improve sales over time. Most of all, be patient! Although most businesses find measurable improvements after only a few months, building relationships takes time. But don't give up: patience pays off. You'll start to see returns as soon as each new cycle begins; before long, your effort should snowball into even greater success each year thereafter.


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3. Include A Strong Call-To-Action

Create a direct path from your visitor’s mouse to your desired result. When possible, include a visual call-to-action such as a button or colored section of text. Calls-to-action that prompt immediate responses tend to be more effective than those prompting behaviors requiring multiple steps to complete. You may want people to buy something, sign up for an eNewsletter, download a file or just visit another page on your site. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish with your email campaign, use calls-to-action that let visitors know exactly what you would like them to do next. Once they've done it, make sure they can easily find out how to do it again – and how they can refer their friends.

As always, test your CTA copy until you achieve a high rate of conversion; it could mean making an extra sale per hundred emails sent! Here is my favorite example: Ooma has given me $100 in free service + $50 in free phone credit by simply signing up for their newsletter! I wish I had seen one like that before my first cell phone bill was due! Now if I see offers for either internet or cell phone services I try to look at if there is also some sort of referral program involved with signing up new customers.



Ultimately, it’s about timing. Make sure you aren’t sending emails when your customer is busy or distracted by other tasks. It&rsquo's also about relevance and conversation. Be personal, specific, and concise in your communication so that your customers know you care about them as individuals. It takes a little planning, but if you follow these three keys, your customers will be receptive to any email campaign you send their way!

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