#The Best SEO Checklist: Unlock Your Website SEO Ranking

#The Best SEO Checklist: Unlock Your Website SEO Ranking


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Unlock Your Website SEO Ranking with Best SEO Checklist

Everyone wonders how they can unlock their website for more visibility. This SEO checklist will satisfy your cravings and improve your website SEO ranking

An On-Page SEO Checklist: Thinking about Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Want your blog to rank in search engines? What you'll get from this checklist: On-Page SEO checklist that will help with optimization basics

An on-page SEO checklist that includes things like on-page SEO strategy, basic SEO setup guide, and blog posts SEO


Initial SEO Setup Guide for Your Website

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Search Console
  • Create an XML Sitemap and Submit it to Google
  • Create a Robots.txt File and Submit it to Google
  • Install schema.org Rich Snippets


Basic SEO Setup Guide for Your Website or Blog Posts

  • Use Google Keyword Planner to Find Keywords
  • Use an SEO-Friendly URL
  • Include Keywords in the URL
  • Include Keyword at least Once in an H1 tag
  • Include Keyword in the first paragraph
  • Include keyword at least once in Subhead Tags
  • Include Keyword several times within the content body
  • Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords
  • Include, Internal Links early in your post
  • Include at least 3 - 4 internal links
  • Link to relevant authority sites
  • User proper spelling and grammar
  • Use long-form content Use high-quality content
  • Use Multimedia to improve time-on-page
  • Include comments & reviews
  • Reduce the file size of Images
  • Use Keyword in Image File Name
  • Use Alt Text
  • Use Title Text
  • Front-load the title tag
  • Write an Enticing SEO Title
  • Keep SEO title to 65 characters or fewer
  • Include Modifiers in SEO Title
  • Write an enticing meta description
  • Keep meta description 160 characters
  • Include keywords in the meta description
  • Use Power Words. Use Numbers
  • Include words & phrases from Adword Ads



We hope this checklist helps you optimize your blog post for on-page SEO. Check out these checklist examples with screenshots as well as a tutorial on how we can accomplish each task


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