Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools for Free in 2022

Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools for Free in 2022


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The 5 Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for Free in 2022

How do you know whether your essay or research paper is 100% original? The best way to be sure that it is original and authentic work, of course, is to write it yourself, but that’s only if you have the necessary time, skills, and knowledge to do so. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options available to ensure that you are writing original content on your website or in your business or school presentations. Here are the top 5 online plagiarism checker tools that can help you verify your text and make sure that your work meets its highest standards of quality and correctness.


1. Online Plagiarism Check

What is plagiarism and how do you find it? It's a situation when someone uses someone else's words without any acknowledgment. In other words, plagiarism means copying another person's work, idea, or artwork and passing it off as your work. Using another person's original ideas is not only unethical but also illegal. Copyright protects original works from being used by others without the consent of their owner. If you copy or duplicate anyone else’s work including data, images, or graphics, a text which appears to be written by anyone else including yourself then it's an act of plagiarism and requires strong action against it.


2. The Writing Spot

Are you a student or have an assignment that needs to be checked? Are you worried that your work might contain plagiarized content? Then The Writing Spot is here to help! We can run your paper through all online plagiarism checkers and get you a report telling you if there are any traces of plagiarism found. These checkers are trustworthy and provide accurate reports. You will never worry about plagiarism again! Prices start at just $19.99 per paper, but we also offer free plagiarism checking for non-profit institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. Once payment is confirmed, we will send you a copy of your report within 24 hours via email, along with additional information regarding our services. So what are you waiting for? Try Writing Spot for free!


3. DupliChecker

With online plagiarism checkers becoming a necessity these days, finding a good one can be tough. There are several decent options out there, but if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and doesn’t cost anything, it’s hard to go wrong with DupliChecker. It gives you more than just traditional plagiarism matching (which is admittedly limited); it also allows you to check two documents against each other and even gives you automatic suggestions for things like wording and formatting as well as image search results—useful stuff when creating your citations. Overall, it seems like a pretty solid option without any of the extra fees or restrictions of other tools on our list. Best of all, though? Try DupliChecker for free now!


4. SafeAssign

Here’s a resource that every teacher needs to know about. This tool allows students to scan their papers against a database of works, and it highlights any matches or similarities with searchable web pages. It isn’t just limited to papers submitted through SafeAssign—if you have a paper written on your own or by another student, you can input it into SafeAssign and see if there are any similarities. While many of these resources will cost money (in part or in full), SafeAssign offers an affordable ($4 per semester) subscription that allows unlimited use. As a writer, you should know about how plagiarism detection tools work and how they can help ensure your writing is unique. Try SafeAssign for free now!


5. Plagiarism software by CopyScape

Online plagiarism software that searches thousands of sources to ensure your work is 100% original. CopyScape will also tag your work with a Creative Commons license so that others can share and remix it. This is particularly great for academic papers, research reports, or any form of writing in which citations are appropriate but you want others to have free access to your content. It’s also useful if you want your students to be able to use their favorite search engine without worrying about re-purposing other people’s words! Try Copyscape now!



Tons of plagiarism checkers can help detect these issues. However, many of them cost money. This means some people might be hesitating to use these tools simply because they don’t want to pay for a service they feel like they won’t use very often. While I understand that position, there are some good free options out there that can help writers who aren’t able or willing to spend money on a tool right now. The top tool I recommend is WriteCheck as it is not only free but also easy to use and efficient with its reporting of problems found within your work.

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